UK Pensions Eroding Further

It has long been clear that pension providers, be they the official Ponzi scheme or the corporate versions, will not be able to deliver on their promises. Now more and more providers are switching from adjusting for inflation by the higher Producer Price Index (PPI) to the lower Consumer Price Index (CPI). The difference is generally about 0.5-1%, making a massive difference already over a shorter period of time. highlighted this yesterday in an article called ‘Alternative RPI could hit pensions’, that I have linked to below.

If you know anyone here in Thailand with a private or occupational pension scheme in the UK, make sure they are made aware that there are simple ways of avoiding eroding UK pensions, all HMRC approved. Contact me at for more information.

Millions of people saving into private sector pensions could still face cuts to their retirement income as the door opens for schemes to use a new, less generous inflation measure. Currently, many schemes in the private sector…