UK Pension Review Service

Do you have private or occupational pensions back in the UK? Are you also living in Thailand? Then maybe you also have asked yourself questions like:

How much are my UK pensions worth? Will I have to pay UK income tax on my UK pensions? Will I have to pay inheritance tax in the UK? How much of my UK pension will my Thai wife get when I die? Can I follow my UK pension online? Is my UK pension growing? How will exchange rates affect my UK pension? When can I access my UK pensions? Can I consolidate my pensions in the UK or overseas?

With the current economic downturn in the UK, even major pension schemes are in big trouble. This holds specifically true for final income / defined benefit schemes. So you might better ask yourself questions like:

Is my UK pension scheme also in deficit? Overall conditions for UK pensions are improving, right? How do any deficits affect the value of my pensions?

These are all important questions that need answers. With our UK Pension Review Service you can have questions like these answered. We will help you to gather the relevant information, analyze your pensions to see what state they are in, and see what the options are in your particular case.

Drop me an email with a telephone number and I’ll explain how to do it in practice.