UK Pension Alert: Do you have a NHS, teachers’, local government, police, fire and armed forces pension scheme? Then read on.

There are things you definitely need to know about your UK Civil Service Pension Scheme. Why? Because the UK government is doing their best to handle the fact that they have promised you way too much.

> Your scheme is not a final salary scheme anymore, but an average salary scheme
> Your scheme is not adjusted for inflation as it used to, but at a much lower rate
> Your scheme is changing the age at which you can take your pension from age 60 to 67

Check out the article in The Daily Mail, and if you find it hard to believe that the government would do that to your pension and if you need confirmation, have a look at the official website, where it is all in print.

If you know people with a UK Civil Service Pension Schemes and care for them, please share this post with them. They need to know as well and prepare in time.

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Some four million public sector workers will see their retirement income take a huge hit as the Government looks to cut its pension liabilities by a quarter by 2065.