The results of unlimited QE

After having tried the same idea Bernanke is trying right now, after having ruined a country, and after facing a situation where nobody on this planet will any longer accept their fiat currency, the Zimbabwean government has to face the same situation as the rest of us – they have to make sure the income matches the outlays. Finally they have a chance to act decently, so congratulations. I suppose they might just as well throw a last party for the last $217 they still haven’t wasted.

I guess Bernanke will not tell you that he is ready to go down the same road and I guess few people have been told about it. 231 million percent new fiat money later, it is too late to wake up.

After paying public workers’ salaries last week, the balance in cash-strapped Zimbabwe’s government public account stood at just $217, Finance Minister Tendai Biti said Tuesday. “Last week when we paid civil servants there was…