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I have collected a number of articles on the topics of panarchy, extra-territoriality and voluntary governance. Just as religious freedom is based on the ideal of tolerance, panarchy is religious and political freedom, based on the same ideal of tolerance. Panarchy refers to a specific form of governance (-archy) that would encompass (pan-) all others. Extraterritoriality refers to a situation where laws and territory are separated, as opposed to the current territoriality where laws are monopolized within a territory.

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This was another side project I did under pen name. I have provided some text and quotes from the front page. 

[Aug 2010] Territoriality vs. Land Property
What is the fundamental similarity between, on the one hand, land property (private or common), and on the other hand, territoriality and territorialism made by current nations-states? Not a minor question, I know, but that’s exactly why I address it. Article at

[Dec 2008] Extraterritoriality: What is it? Why deny it?
Following a habit of questioning things, we have today come to this so-called principle of territoriality, and the absolute and exclusive power of these territorial States. Article in Panarchy – Essays in the new political philosophy by Adam Knott (ed).

[Sep 2005] Panarkistiska Strategier [in Swedish]
Article in the Swedish magazine Nyliberalen discussing some panarchistic strategies towards freedom for all. By that I mean the political freedom for each of us to vote and have the governement we desire, regardless of where we live.

[Apr 18 2005] Om Ekonomiska frihetsindex och dragkampen om den politiska makten [in Swedish]
Article in the Swedish libertarian magazine Nyliberalen where I introduce the reader to the economic freedom indices and my own work that resulted in a comparable Swedish index from 1950-2002. I also discuss one of the main findings – the index has been pretty stable all through the period, at rather modest levels – and the political intolerance it reveals. The reader is introduced to some panarchist ideas. And there will be a follow-up!

[Feb 8 2005] To the Monopolists of All Parties
In this column, that first appeared at and later at The Exterritorial Imperative, I explain that the current territorially monopolist Governments are indeed a new invention, unknown in the history of Mankind. The alternative, I call ?non-territorial governance’ and it includes element of tolerance that we definitely are lacking today. If you are to read anything by me, I urge you to read this column, perhaps starting with this nice blog entry about it. 

[Jan 13 2005] Non-Territorial Governance – Mankind’s Forgotten Legacy
This article at is basically a review of a 1925 book by S.S. Liu called ‘Extraterritoriality: Its Rise and Its Decline‘, but with some added references. The first part of the Liu book is especially interesting since it describes how, for most of Mankind’s history, different systems of laws existed along side each other in the very same territory and since it also describes the principles according to which conflicts were solved in such a system of non-territorial governance. The second part of the book deals mainly with the rise of the current territorialism. Learn more about our common legacy. 

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