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I have collected a number of op-eds, reviews and articles that have appeared online and in print. Enjoy!

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[Aug 2010] Great Aussie Misadventures
This is a book review of ‘Heroic Misadventures‘ by Ron Manners, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Mannkal Foundation. Article at Economics.org.au.

[Dec 2005] Stockholms trafikproblem – varför vare sig trängselskatter eller ringleder löser dem [in Swedish]
Article in the Swedish magazine Nyliberalen discussing why neither congestion taxes nor new roads will solve the traffic problems of Stockholm. Why go after the symptoms and not the problem itself? Both proposed solution mean higher taxes, but I argue that high taxes and unreasonable regulations are exactly the things that force people to commute and travel excessively on a daily basis in the first place. 

[Jun 27 2005] Something is Rotten in Academia
Article at Butterbach.net containing some ideas on why it happens that I seem to have learned everything I find valuable outside the walls of Academia. With sections like ‘Why is Getting a Degree So Important Today?’, ‘The Corporate Features of the Medieval Guilds’, ‘The Current State of Academia’, ‘The Corruption of Licensed Savants’ and ‘Academic Freedom Revisited’. Quoting Mises, Heckscher, Mencken and Bakunin. 

[May 30 2005] Penningpolitik vid vägs ände
Op-ed in in Scandinavia’s largest daily business newspaper, ‘Dagens Industri‘,
arguing that the calls for further interest rate cuts are futile and are based on a mistaken reversal of causality. A higher degree of economic progress often tends to bring about a rise in interest rates
by ways of higher investments. You simply cannot cause a higher degree of progress by cutting Central Bank interest rates.

[Sep 6 2004] Hur många nya företag stryps av skatten bakom såddkapitalet
In this column, appearing in almost a full page of ‘Dagens Industri‘ (Scandinavia’s largest daily business newspaper), I argue in favor of private capital formation as a solution to some inherent problems related to entrepreneurship. It is basically a short version of my working paper ‘Entrepreneurship and Self-Finance‘, available in Swedish as well as available in Swedish as well as ‘Entreprenörskap och egenfinansiering om den privata förmögenhetsbildningens teoretiska och praktiska betydelse för entreprenörskapets omfattning’.

[May 20 2004] Möjligt skapa högre välstånd
Column in Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland’s only major newspaper in Swedish. It relates to the coming problems of the modern welfare states, be it Finland, Sweden or the U.S., about an aging population. I find it amazing that one could defend a system, i.e. the current, that creates a problem about such a great thing as people living longer. Anyhow, I argue that the number of people working is not the main determinant of how much wealth that is created, but rather the division of labor. The latter is inhibited by the current level of taxes, and most suggestions how to solve the current ‘problem’ will only make things worse. 

[Aug 14 2004] An Open Letter To Advocates of International Free Trade
In this letter I ask all proponents of international free trade to also advocate domestic free trade. After all, taxes affect the domestic division of labor pretty much in the same negative way as do tariffs affect the international division of labor. In fact, in many cases they are worse. This letter appeared first in English at LewRockwell.com and later also appeared in print in the NZ magazine The Free Radical #64, only to appear on the web again in the September 15, 2004 issue of Le Quebecois Libre. The Swedish version appeared first in print in the Swedish libertarian magazine Nyliberalen and later, on October 14, 2004, online at smedjan.com, a major forum for classical liberals in Sweden. Available in Swedish as Öppet brev till alla förespråkare av internationell frihandel.

[Mar 12 2004] Your Worst Nightmare – Libertarian Health Care?
In this column I outline the horror of health care in a libertarian society. But beware the twist! The Bogeyman might be closer than you think! Read more about some truly scary stories at LewRockwell.com. 

[June 2003] Säg nej till statliga vägtullar [in Swedish]
Imagine an organization controlling the subway, the bus routes, grabs 75% of what you pay for the fuel, owns and runs the roads. Would you expect the Government Competition Authority to intervene? Would you expect it would intervene if this particular organization were planning on setting up road tolls? No? Why? Is it because this organization also runs the Competition Authority? Competition – NO THANKS! Column warning against territorially monopolist government road tolls, published in the Swedish magazine Företagaren (#7 2003).

[May 10 2003] Probably the Wisest Man I’ve Ever Met
Where did I meet the wisest man I’ve ever met (at least by that time)? It was neither at Uppsala U, Oxford U nor Sydney U. But where was it then? Who was this extraordinary and independent thinker? Column in Le Quebecois Libre.

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