Mr. Hollande – The euro shouldn’t be left to fluctuate following the market’s moods

French President Hollande apparently is tired of wildly fluctuating fiat currencies like the Euro, and we can’t blame him for it.

He also said the EU region “needs a foreign exchange policy” as without one, the euro’s value “doesn’t correspond to the real economy.”

The truth is that if you create an official policy that bases the currency on things that are not real (digits in a computer) or of very little value (paper and cheap coins), you will always have a wildly fluctuating currency. But Hollande should perhaps not blame the markets, but the policy itself.

This is of course highly unlikely, since the elites wants to be able to create their money at whim. I say, let them, but let the rest of us have that right as well. Then we would all be equal and with such a policy, the best currencies would flourish.