Great Wall of Numbers: Business Opportunities & Challenges in China

I’ve been interviewed about my time running a business in China before, but one interview has now been published in a book with the above title. Author Tim Swanson is a clever fellow and I can recommend the book (and it is a bargain).

Here is the book description appearing over at Amazon (link below):
“Should you or your company expand into China? What are some of the goods and services that Chinese consumers want to buy? What kinds of risks are involved in doing business on the mainland?

These questions and dozens more are discussed in detail as Tim Swanson interviews more than forty businesspeople, entrepreneurs, professors and market research experts regarding the potential opportunities and challenges of doing business in China. Dispensing of hyperbole and exaggerated rhetoric, these local professionals are all real people with real experiences connected to China. In addition, Swanson meticulously provides a plethora of statistics, citing more than 1,200 sources to provide hard data points to the anecdotes of the interviewees.

Great Wall of Numbers is easily accessible to both scholars and layperson alike, providing an up-to-date guide with the latest facts and figures for roughly two dozen fields. In this guide the reader will learn:

• Many of the common laws and regulations that every company needs to abide by
• Many cultural traits like guanxi that require subtle nuances and a different way of thinking to maintain business relationships
• The popularity of Western food, fashion, luxury goods, sports, pop culture, health care and education
• Case studies on how to localize products to a new customer base
• How to use Chinese social media to communicate with potential clients
• How to use technologies like 3D printers to export to new segments
• Revenue, sales and market share numbers that illustrate profitability in a dynamic region that is often difficult to measure

China may have growing pains in the future but it is not going to disappear either and will likely become the largest economy in the next decade. Great Wall of Numbers provides clear advice on how to get started, what to avoid and which segments and niches can be capitalized on during this time period of maturation and expansion.”