“Economic Freedom of the World” – The US in free fall

The Fraser Institute has released another report ranking the countries around the world in terms of economic freedom. One key thing in this is that the United States now is ranked 17th. That means that the United States basically is in free fall. Hopefully this is a reversible trend, but it is hard to see how. Interestingly, there are still people that believe that the US is one of the best places to do business, just as it was when I grew up.

I have met the guys behind the report when I produced something similar back when I worked as a researcher (see http://richardcbjohnsson.net/pdf/economic_freedom_in_sweden.pdf). We met at the great Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. I do have some issues with indices like this but they Lawson and his people are indeed smart people and doing very useful work.

Here is an article summarizing the report:


And here is the actual report: