Casey Research: American Expatriation Guide

I meet a lot of discontent Americans that are looking to escape the tentacles of the US government. I suppose we can’t blame them, since many have not even lived there for ages. It is a fact that the US government is the most aggressive right now when it comes to chasing citizens around the World to report everything about everything.

Apparently, the number of Americans handing over their passports has been skyrocketing and now even some really famous people like singer Tina Turner has handed over her passport. And then we have Depardieu and other famous French people doing the same thing.

Here is a link to one of my favorite websites where they have a brief guide to expatriation and more.

American Expatriation Guide

American Expatriation Guide How to Divorce the U.S. Government Editor’s Note: This report was authored by a Casey Research reader who wishes to remain anonymous. We have fact-checked the contents to the best of our abilities…