Bullish or Bearish?

Here is an excerpt of some important facts:
“Margin debt—that’s the amount of money borrowed to purchase stocks—on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) reached its all-time high in April. Margin debt on the NYSE registered at $384.3 billion as the key stock indices hit new record-highs. (Source: New York Stock Exchange web site, last accessed May 29, 2013.) The highest margin debt ever reached prior to this was in July of 2007, when it stood just above $381.0 billion. At that time, just like today, the key stock indices were near their peaks and “buy now before it’s too late” was the prominent theme of the day”

There’s more in the linked article below:

Michael Lombardi: Is it just me, or have investors completely abandoned the concept of risk and reward? The reality of the situation is that the  key stock indices are treading in shark-infested waters and the risks are piling…