UK Pension Consulting

There is a major pension crisis in the UK, and it is not improving. With the majority of private or occupational pension schemes in big trouble, how can you protect your own pension?

Not only can you protect your pension, there is also a unique opportunity in the pensions market that might be of great benefit to you.

I have access to reports for hundreds of pension schemes. Let me take you through the basics, inquire about your specific pension(s) and explain what the options are.

What are the options in the UK? What are the options in Australia? What other overseas options are available to me?

UK Inheritance Tax

How large is my IHT bill? Do I have proper plan for how the estate to be able to pay the tax bill when due? Are there basic ways to mitigate the tax bill? What are the uniquely offshore options?

International Real Estate

Property investment is and will always be a proper part of a well organized portfolio of assets. Seeking a rental income is the premier way of investing for those that are looking for a steady income or return rather than speculative gains. But where to invest nowadays? With access to a very interesting model with 100% underwriting and co-investment, one can expect proper due diligence to be in place from the outset. Get in touch to check where the current yield is to be found.

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